About Us

Who We Are

AlBayan Healthcare Solutions Co. is a Jordanian company whom specialize in providing medical supplies, medical packages and a distributor of pharmaceutical products. It has been active in the Iraqi market since the 1999 collectively with its Iraqi sister companies. We carry in-house experience for over twenty-five years in the health field industry, working closely with extensive international companies whilst continuing to sustain connections with most major reputable medical technologies and pharmaceutical product companies from Europe, Japan, and North America. AlBayan is a member of the AGMEST Group which is ISO 9001 certified since 2005.

AlBayan and its sister subsidiaries started the business in Iraq with Iraqi MOH- Kimadia. We began with the health care departments in governorates all over Iraq, then it was commendable to expand the business to the private sector, in which AlBayan succeeded in being one of the leading companies penetrating this market sector. AlBayan is providing numerous solutions such as turn-key projects and new products. Additionally, dynamically participating in developing the private health care sector in Iraq for the past 12 years.

AlBayan Co. is registered at the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Jordan, in the records of the Limited Liability Companies under the registration No. 5811 dated 28.07.1999 and has been active in the Iraqi market ever since. Directly or through its subsidiaries, AlBayan the official Iraqi branch registered in Iraq according to decision no. CD/2604 dated 24.08.2009.


The Vision

To be one of the leading companies in the medical and pharmaceutical markets, providing appropriate and effective health care solutions to our customers while raising international healthcare standards and quality management in Iraq.


The Mission

Manage to sustain the quality of the health care business in Iraq by providing consistent top-quality customer services including offering functional innovative solutions and products.


Our History