• AlBayan’s service centers, certified service engineers, and technicians provide   the needed qualified, specialized and sophisticated technical support and the after sales services to their customers in Iraqi hospitals and medical centers. The typical up time service is between 24-48 hours from the time and date of receiving the claim by our call center in Baghdad.  Our service team is able to respond faster through AlBayan service liaison centers based in five regions in Iraq. These offices are facilitating logistics to sites and following up on daily bases to obtain customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • AlBayan provides services for more than 15,000 devices and systems in more than 260 sites all over Iraq
  • AlBayan provides technical services and maintenance for more than 25 varied specialized systems and equipment in most of the Health Care, IT, and Electromechanical fields
  • We operate with more than 50 international manufacturers in various medical and engineering specialties. In collaboration with them, many projects were completed. Such projects included installing more than 15,000 medical equipment systems and after sales services covering all Iraqi hospitals and medical centers