Our Facilitates:

A 14,500 M² facility, including covering the offices and warehouses in Iraq mainly in Baghdad.

Jordan-Amman AlBayan offices that occupied about 1000 seq. meter





The area of our cooled warehouses in Baghdad is more than 650 seq. meter that is:

  • In line with the local Iraqi health, safety and environment regulations
  • Approved by the Iraqi health l authorities and pharmacists syndicate





HSE procedures of AlBayan warehouses:

  • Safety of the personnel and the properties
  • Environmental protection
  • Efficient monitoring and recording system  
  • Human Security team 24-7 to prevent any unexpected incidents


AlBayan Distribution Network

AlBayan’s team is well trained in addition to their increasing knowledge and experience, the company always ensures that the key personnel have the capability and experience to guarantee the proper distribution of products and customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to distribute the medicine to all pharmacies and drugstores all over Iraq, hence we established strong relations with reputable partners that have a long history in the pharmaceutical sector, thriving to attain the acceptance and the satisfaction from all our customers.




To ensure the product quality is maintained we have an adequate number of competent personnel involved in all stages of the distribution process who are also well aware of the national regulations in regard of these processes.


Basically, we are dealing with 330 customers all over Iraq divided as the following:

  • 210 drugstores
  • 110 big pharmacies
  • 10 others (Hospitals, Medical Centers, ... etc.)