Our Compliance, Integrity and Pharmacovigilance PV unit was established to ensure complying with the international standards and implement the most recent regulations globally of business practices and principals requirements, main roles are:

  • Monitoring of fostering strict adherence to principals and global regulatory requirements for safety and quality
  •  Managing those involved from different departments, lies not within the PV department, and ensuring having successful cross-divisional structures via interacting with roles and responsibilities from many departments throughout a quality, integrity and traceability of clinical data.
  • Provides operational and logistical support of internal and external audits and regulatory inspections as well as participation in inspection readiness activities.
  •  Routine reporting and documentation of department compliance  and assurance plans to improve or maintain data quality.
  • Managing hotline communications via phone and emails to receive any customer complain to ensure fast and proper response.

Pharmacovigilance Center

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Contacts: Dr.Saif Muhsin

Email: PharmacovigilanceCenter@albayaniraq.com

Phone #: 009647702981621