As a Pharmacovigilance oriented company, AlBayan bears high attention to GSPs and GDPs to prevent any possible deterioration and to ensure that the quality and safety of drugs are being maintained.

This is done through the monitoring and controlling of a number of procedures starting from receiving the goods until delivery to end user.


Warehousing & Storage:

  • Our storage area is always kept dry and air-conditioned, clean and neat, well controlled and monitored as per the manufacturer’s guidance, local and international regulatory instructions & requirements
  • AlBayan has a Digital Inventory system following international storage and distribution methodology based on GDP standards



Our distribution procedure that we follow is the FEFO (First Expired First Out); that ensures the stock with the earliest expiry date is distributed and/or used before an identical stock item with a later expiry date.



Currently we have 5 cooled vans to distribute our products to our customers all over Iraq. These vans are well set and functioned to prevent exposure to weather conditions that could affect the stability and package integrity of the product. Appropriate cleaning is performed, checked and recorded in precise and regular practice.



The stock in the warehouses are labeled according to the following:

  • Item name
  • Batch number
  • Expiry date
  • Language used is both English and Arabic



Items are only sold to persons/entities that are entitled and authorized to acquire such products in terms of applicable national legislation, who are also aware and follow the following:

  • Appropriate storage
  • Transport conditions

In our dispatch process we include the following information to enable traceability:

  • Date of dispatch
  • Name, address and status of the addresses
  • A description of the products including the name, dosage form, … etc
  • Quantity of the products
  • Assigned batch number and expiry date
  • Applicable transport and storage conditions
  • A reference number to allow identification of the delivery order